Special Announcement

Hey loyal reader(s?) – miss me?

Kastles season is over and I’m back in the blogosphere. Though my initial intention was to do a wrap up of Kastles season with a selection of some of my photos and videos from the season, I’m punting that to next week. Because I want to announce:


Tomorrow. On PatriotsandTyrantsFilm.com. Free to any and all who want to watch.

But wait…there’s more…

Another announcement, exclusive to you, my loyal reader(s?): Served Cold, the sequel to Patriots and Tyrants, WILL BE RELEASED ON THE SAME WEBSITE ON SEPTEMBER 1!

Whew. I’m tired from all that shouting. So watch the P&T trailer below, then hit up the website tomorrow and watch the full film, THEN go back on September 1 and watch the continuation of the story.

Seriously. Do it. Do it now (and by now I mean when everything comes out).

And…if you happen to have a few million lying around and want to produce a full-length Patriots and Tyrants film of your own, my contact information is on the upper right of the website. I take cash, check, money order, Paypal, wire transfer…