Summer Film Trailers

Summer used to be a pretty awesome time to go to the movies. It’s been much less so in the past few years, as we content with superhero sequel after action porn reboot. Don’t get me wrong – I often highly enjoy these films, but even I’m reaching peak Marvel lately (and DC has yet to get out of the starting gates, let alone peak).

Though no doubt you’ve seen (or are at least avoiding) the trailers for Captain America, X-Men and (perhaps?) Ghostbusters, here’s a few other, non-super hero, non-entirely-action choices you might be into in the coming months (yeah, I know some of them are sequels and have action, but it’s my blog and I can pick what I want so back off, okay?):

and now a film that is a superhero film, but directed by David Ayer and staring a bunch of bad guys, so could be good:

and because I love Independence Day…