Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

In honor of the return of The Walking Dead to AMC, I had planned to unleash this post on Sunday night. Thanks however to an incredibly nasty cold/sinus infection/crap everyone seems to have, I haven’t done much the last few nights. But isn’t information on how to survive a zombie apocalypse evergreen information anyway?

Zombies take on a lot of different forms, and there’s a variety of different ways in which they interact, based on the movie. For example in 28 Days Later, the zombies generally didn’t like light and crammed together, whereas in Zombieland they generally were in smaller groups and didn’t seem to care about light. In TWD, noise is your biggest enemy: shoot one, and you’ll attract dozens.

So the primary rule is to be flexible and make no assumptions when it comes to the zombies you’re presented with. Keep your distance and try to observe as much as possible. Everything has a weakness, and zombies by definition are pretty stupid, so theirs should present themselves early.

There are definitely some consistencies with zombies, however. As previously mentioned, they’re fairly stupid. You can count on them to chase you in pretty much a straight line. Also they generally don’t feel pain, so shooting them in their chests and arms generally won’t help a lot. Those presented with zombies generally go for the head or, if necessary, the legs to slow them down.

Also, one key rule is to get the hell out of the cities. One of the iconic scenes from TWD is when Rick is riding the horse into downtown Atlanta. Looks cool, but the entire time I’m screaming, “WHY???”. Zombies are former people, all of whom were infected by other zombies, who were former people. So where are the highest concentration of zombies likely to be? In the cities. Come on now; this is Horror 101.

Finally, it’s essential to scavenge a good cache of supplies: weapons, water purification supplies and food, along with finding a way to make them transportable. Guns are always good, but noisy and require repair and ammunition. Best probably to find a couple of good weapons like knifes and perhaps a club.

Travel light and watch your back.