The Diet Continues and Thoughts on Routine

So I’m close to two weeks into my so-called diet. My expressed goal was to lose 50 pounds in 90 days, though that wasn’t quite right. Basically I’d like to lose 50 pounds before Thanksgiving, so that gave me 92 days from the beginning. Not much of a difference though really.

Anyway, I’ve arbitrarily set my weigh-in day to Wednesday morning. I’m a strong believer that someone trying to lose weight should establish both (a) a good eating/exercise routine and also (b) a day/time/situation in which you weigh in. The weigh in should not occur more than once a week. It should occur on the same day and time of the week and in the same situation.

So I choose Wednesday at 6:30am since it’s (a) midweek (therefore away from the weekends where I’m more likely to splurge on a burger and fries), (b) right after I wake up so it’s easy to remember and (c) so I don’t have a bunch of food sitting in my stomach. I also make sure I’m in the roughly the same weight of clothes, no shoes and carrying nothing in my pocket. This gives me a good baseline for comparison.

Wow. That was three boring-ass paragraphs. Let’s spice it up a bit: I lost 14.5 pounds in Week One.

I’m pretty happy with that result, though my body does those kinds of swings. I once weighed myself after In and Out burger a few years back and I’m pretty sure I gained six pounds inside an hour, then lost it back again the next morning. Kind of odd, but seems to be the way I am.

We’re almost to the Week 2 weigh-in, but somehow I doubt it’ll be the same level of success after celebrating both my five year anniversary and my mother’s birthday (you don’t get to know how many years there) this weekend. It’s important in these situations to both have a good time and don’t get too down on yourself for the proverbial falling off the wagon. The good thing with a diet is there’s always tomorrow.