Three Months of Twitter Film Reviews

Welcome back to original blog content! Hope everyone had a terrific holiday and are reading and raring to go for 2015 (otherwise known as the year that “Back to the Future” became just “The Present”).

First and foremost: I’ll take a second to announce my newest venture: 1790media, a film and video production company based in Washington DC and Baltimore. We’ll be doing everything from feature films to small business promotional videos, commercial spots and web videos. Check out our website by clicking the link in the upper right hand corner of this site, or right here:

Those of you who read my blog regularly (I understand there’s three of you now) know that February is dominated by Oscar talk, and I’ll be doing a lot of film stuff leading up to that. So, I thought I’d start off by rounding up the last of my Twitter film reviews for the year. For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter (WHY NOT???), I post a 140 character review for each film I see for the first time.

Next week: My favorite films that I saw in 2014.

#TopFive: Best comedy in years. Whip-smart, with something to say (& doesn’t rely on fart/poop/sex jokes). Rock’s best performance. 3.5/4*

#HungerGamesMockingjay: I get that they were going for the pensive, “Why?” revolution film, but story lags. Both Lawrences v. good. 2.5/4*

#TheHobbit: Jackson never recovered the storytelling magic of the first trilogy. Far too little story spread among 8 hours of #film. 1.5/4*

#AllRelative: An interesting premise ruined by cliched moments, wooden performances and on-the-nose dialogue. 1/4*

#JerseyBoys: Some great pieces and of course the music… The pacing is god-awful; sucks the life out of what could be a kinetic film. 2/4*

#Wild: Reese Witherspoon doesn’t disappoint; this is the performance of her career. Cinematography wonderful; full use of the canvas. 3.5/4*

#TheoryOfEverything runs on near perfect performances from Redmayne & Jones. A better story lies beneath the good “feel-good” script. 3/4*

#Interstellar: The kind of pensive, thoughtful, “Where are we going” sci-fi which has gone by the wayside for action-in-space flicks. 4/4*

#RosewaterMovie: G.G. Bernal is one of the most underrated talents in film. Surprisingly visceral images from 1st time director Stewart 3/4*

#Birdman: Visually thrilling #film w/(re)defining performance from Keaton. Deep, layered story yet hollow: couldn’t connect with Riggan 3/4*

#JohnWick: Stylish throwback to action films before CGI domination. Career-defining turn for Reeves, who will be awesome as #JohnRain. 3/4*

#Whiplash: Without question the best #film I’ve seen in 2014. Intense, riveting, inspiring, thrilling. Teller & Simmons are revelations 4/4*

#Fury: I’ve never been to war, but when I’ve imagined it, this is what it looked like. Taut, perfectly paced w/ 5 great performances. 3.5/4*

#NotCoolMovie: I recognize the effort the cast and crew put in, but the story is so completely opposite of my taste, I’ll decline to rate it

#Hollidaysburg: Sweet and subtle. Good visuals & performances. Story solid, but needed a little more weight up front to draw us in. 3/4*

#Nightcrawler: Jake Gyllenhaal delivers a career-(re)defining performance. Story makes you think, but not as much as it wants you to. 3.5/4*

#GoneGirl: Stylish and creepy with spot-on performances from Affleck and Pike. Script good, but some subplots don’t develop fully. 3.5/4*