Top 10 Favorite Films I Saw in 2017

I see a lot of films every year, and as you know, I tweet a review after each one I see for the first time. Below are my Top 10 favorite films I saw in 2017 – the calendar year, so some are represented in last year’s Oscars, some in this year’s. But above all, I highly recommend all of them. Hope you enjoy(ed) them as much as I did.

Though I’m keeping my original star ranking (4 or 5 depending on when it was written), I’m re-ranking them based on the benefit of hindsight. Take with the usual grain of a grain of salt…

10. #20thCenturyWomen A poignant, subtle and slow-burn character study that loves its subjects as much as it’s stunning photography. 3.5/4*

9. #BabyDriver is entertaining, action-packed, chock full of terrific characters and above all – stylish – with a great soundtrack. 4/5*

8. #La La Land: Note for note, almost fucking perfect. Loved every minute of it, and since musicals aren’t my cup of tea, that surprised me. 4/4*

7. #TheLastJedi is fantastic from top to bottom. Imperfect, yes. I’d change some things if it were me. But the story works overall from top to bottom with great character arcs that build to a truly earned emotional grand finale. The best visuals of the series. Ridley impresses. 4/5*

6. #Dunkirk: Satisfying spectacle; compelling and emotionally satisfying. It’s a story that needed telling, and Nolan nailed it. 4/5*

5. #Lion: Story – amazing. Acting – near perfect. Photography – fantastic. Structure could have benefited from Slumdog-style shifting. 3.5/4*

4. #ThreeBillboardsOutsideEbbingMissouri is the blackest comedy I’ve seen in years, but also has shades of the underside of humanity, and the balance between the two makes the story funny, compelling and feel real all at the same time. McDormand and Rockwell are fabulous. 4.5/5*

3. #Logan Phenomenal #film. Joins The Dark Knight as the only two superhero films to surpass the genre. Photography, acting stellar. 3.5/4*

2. #MollysGame is Sorkin at his most Sorkinesque, which is always a good thing. The dialogue flows like music, the story is compelling, though 20 minutes too long in the middle. @jes_chastain is just amazing, with one of the best performances in any medium by anyone in years. 4.5/5*

1. #WindRiver is my least favorite Taylor Sheridan film, yet is deeply affecting, well done all around and one of the best of the year. 4.5/5*