Top Dads in Film and Television

In order to bring balance to the force, I present some of my favorite dads in film an television, a companion piece to my one on moms which came out last month.

1. Alfred Pennyworth – Batman
Okay, I’m cheating a bit on this one. But Bruce Wayne is nothing if not Alfred’s son in spirit, and Alfred’s contributions to Wayne’s mission can not be denied.

2. The Man – The Road
Keeps his son safe and sane in virtually the worst circumstances imaginable.

3. Dad – About Time
Can you imagine a more idyllic childhood and family life than the one Tim got in About Time? Plus, he taught him how to time travel, to boot.

4. Jack Pearson – This is Us
Jack has had more effect on a television show than a dead man ever…well, since…

5. Ned Stark – Games of Thrones
…yeah, Ned Stark. The impact of his life lessons are still felt on the remaining Starks.

6. Atticus Finch – To Kill a Mockingbird
A paragon of morals and ethics.

7. Jim’s Dad – American Pie
Caught his son banging a pie, and was pretty chill about it.

8. Ron Swanson – Parks and Recreation
Ron became a father late in the series, and can you imagine a better one? Those kids will know how to properly cook meat and build their own house, at a minimum.

9. Mike Heck – The Middle
He may not say much, but he’s the rock the Heck family is built on, and almost always knows the right thing to do.

10. Sam Baldwin – Sleepless in Seattle
Picked up the pieces after the death of his wife, and even got together with the new mom his son picked out for him.

Honorable Mention
George Banks – Father of the Bride
Adam Braverman – Parenthood
Martin Crane – Frasier
Andy Taylor – The Andy Griffith Show
Eric Taylor – Friday Night Lights