Top Moms in Film & Television

In honor of Mother’s Day, here’s a look at some of my favorite moms in film and television.

1. Molly Weasley – Harry Potter
“Not my daughter, you bitch!” Not a lot of mothers can take out the evilest witch in the UK, then take everyone home for pancakes without missing a beat.

2. Mrs. Gump – Forrest Gump
Eeeeh. Eeeeh. Eeeeeh. ‘Nuff said.

3. Tami Taylor – Friday Night Lights
The very personification of the super-mom, and a kick-ass woman in a male-dominated town.

4. Jill Taylor – Home Improvement
Turns out the show was an indictment of hyper-masculinity. Jill brought balance to those four all by herself.


5. Clair Huxtable – The Cosby Show
High-priced lawyer and all around soul of the family.

6. Sarah Connor – Terminator 2
Literally gave up everything she was to protect her son.

7. Sheryl Hoover – Little Miss Sunshine
There’s no way they make the pageant without Sheryl’s calm guidance.

8. Gemma Teller Morrow – Sons of Anarchy
Yeah, so her son had to kill her in the end. No one’s perfect.

9. Marge Simpson – The Simpsons
One year with Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie can feel like 30. Apparently.

10. Norma Arnold – The Wonder Years
Honestly no particular reason, but just loved this show, and she was great in it.

Honorable Mention
Vivian Banks – The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Debra Barone – Everybody Loves Raymond
Rayna James – Nashville
Mrs. Parker – A Christmas Story
Ellen Griswold – National Lampoon’s Vacation

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