In searching for a place to stay in Tuscany, I saw one of the options was “Castle”. Me being me, I checked out the castle and quickly signed up to stay there through AirBnB. The location was amazing – some of the scenery shots below were shot straight out the window. The original part of the castle dated from the 13th century, and was very cool…unfortunately, it seemed the beds did too. Not very comfortable.

No matter – Tuscany was amazing. One of my goals on this trip was to get into the European countryside. I’m not big on huge, crowded cities as it is, and though I’d been to London, Paris and Rome before – I didn’t have any sense as to what the OUTSIDES of the cities looked like. Tuscany was some of the best scenery I’d seen since my trip to New Zealand four years ago. Small, ancient towns, hills, lakes, etc. Conducive to a great get-away, and would be a heck of a place to hole up and let those creative juices run.

And…THE WINE!! Our guide Marialuisa was fantastic. She made it a point to show us the gamut of what Tuscan wines had to offer. From the artisan who has spent the last 40 years making wine himself, so much so that his hands were permanently wine stained – to the larger producers with acres upon acres and restaurants on site. (If you ever want to go to Tuscany, make SURE to spend some time with Marialuisa Cesani <info@mytuscanwineandtours.it>) .

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