Wine in Mendoza

This year, my family and I spent three days wine tasting in Mendoza, Argentina. Our terrific guide Javier Caruso took us around to some terrific places and we sampled some of the best wine down South.

Mendoza is a quickly developing and fast-growing wine area in the world, which is considerably more surprising after you visit. The climate is not too far off from the southwestern United States, like the mountainous areas of New Mexico and Arizona. It can be up to 40 C in the summer, cold in the winter and hail is such a problem that all the vines need to be covered by a special kind of netting.

But the wine is pretty good. I wasn’t a huge fan of Malbec, what the area is famous for, but I found a lot more than I expected. Plus, Cabernet Franc is another wine varietal that’s done different there, much spicier than the french version and with some huge green pepper notes.

While I didn’t record any tasting notes for the wine I drank, here’s some of the best bottles we enjoyed while we were there.