You Know…Flying Really Sucks

I’ve got a business trip on the docket for this week. Since it’s a short turnaround, I’ll be carrying my stuff on the plane to avoid the god-awful wait at baggage claim. So I’ll have to reduce my liquids down to 3 oz or less containers (I wear contacts, so this is a special pain in the ass), pack my stuff extra carefully just so TSA can mess it up when they shove their paws into it, arrive 90 minutes early and shove my 6’4″ frame (I’m not saying how much I weigh) into a seat made for a midget.

(Unrelated: anyone know the politically correct word for midget these days? I apologize to my diminutive readers if I got this wrong, I really am not sure).

No real point to this; just watching Pan Am and wondering where the airlines went wrong. Somewhere in the last 50 years flying went from relatively comfortable and fun to shoving yourself into a cattle car between two large sweaty men, neither of whom are wearing deodorant (true story — happened to me a couple of months back).