You Know…I’ve Got Nothing Tonight

Having something of an off-night; don’t really have anything to share tonight. My wife would be amazed: apparently, I’m constantly telling her what to do, so my not really having anything to talk about would be something of a revelation for her.

Just finished watching my Wednesday night regular combo of The Middle and Modern Family (two of the best half-hours of television on…well, television). Thank God we’ve gotten past the need for a laugh track. Never understood the need: if you want to tell me when to laugh, your shit isn’t funny enough for me to watch.

Off to cop a few zs, but first a few more pages of Barry Eisler’s awesome new entry into the John Rain series (his 7th or 9th, depending on how you look at it): The Detachment. If you’ve never read a John Rain book before, start at the beginning (Rain Fall) and work your way through. You won’t be sorry.

One final note: RIP Steve Jobs. Feel a bit like a douche now for criticizing him in yesterday’s post and then he dies today, but yesterday’s iPhone 4s PR fiasco was just that…a fiasco. In his all-too-short life however, Jobs quite literally changed the world. Not many of us can claim that in our obituaries.

Huh…wrote four paragraphs. Not bad for an off-night. Good night, folks.